Intensive, but fun courses, designed to go from no experience to grade 5 readiness in  hours!

Kirsty offers intensive theory courses of around 6 hours covering the ABRSM grade 5 theory syllabus. 
Designed to go from absolute beginner theory to grade 5, all that is needed is music reading ability of grade 4+. No previous theory experience required. 

Please note: these courses have been described as "fun" by participants. They are NOT dull! 

grade 5 theory information booklet, 2 sets of practice papers (8 papers in all), pencil!

marking of completed practice papers and feedback (by email)

Next planned course:
Saturday 27th April 2.30-5.30pm, Sunday 28th April 12.30-3.30pm 
Tesco Community Room, Bar Hill. 
N.B you MUST attend both sessions!
Exam date: Saturday 15th June 2019 10am 
Exam entry date: Friday 10th May (payment for exam (£38) is separate and must be made by Friday 3rd May along with details of full name and date of birth) 

Please complete this form to apply to take the course. 

  • Course dates to be confirmed once enough people have booked. 
  • Minimum of 2 people is required for a course. 
  • Individual intensive courses can be arranged privately. 
  • A deposit of £50 is required once the course is confirmed. 
  • Venue is Bar Hill.
  • Participants in group courses MUST be grade 4 or higher on their main instrument. 
  • No previous theory experience is needed. 

2 people £160 each

3 people £130 each

4+people £120 each

Results from Spring 19:  3 distinctions, 4 merits, 4 passes

Results from Autumn 18: 1 distinction, 2 passes
Results from Summer 18: 2 distinctions 
Results from Spring 18: 2 passes, 1 merit, 1 distinction
Results from Autumn 17: 2 passes, 2 merits

Individual hour long lessons are also sometimes available at a rate of £35 per lesson in Bar Hill.