Intensive, but fun courses, designed to go from no experience to grade 5 readiness in  hours!

Kirsty offers intensive theory courses of around 6 hours covering the ABRSM grade 5 theory syllabus. 
Designed to go from absolute beginner theory to grade 5, all that is needed is music reading ability of grade 4+. No previous theory experience required. 

Please note: these courses have been described as "fun" by participants. They are NOT dull! 

grade 5 theory information booklet, 2 sets of practice papers (8 papers in all), pencil!

marking of completed practice papers and feedback (by email)

Next planned courses:
Autumn 2018 (various Dec/Jan dates available) 
CLICK HERE to indicate which dates/times you could make.
Please also email Kirsty with details including name and age of participant, and instrumental experience.  

This course is designed to prepare candidates for the March 2019 exam date, or later. 

  • Course dates to be confirmed once enough people have booked. 
  • Minimum of 2 people is required for a course. 
  • Individual intensive courses can be arranged privately. 
  • A deposit of £50 is required once the course is confirmed. 
  • Venue is Bar Hill.
  • Participants in group courses MUST be grade 4 or higher on their main instrument. 
  • No previous theory experience is needed. 

2 people £160 each

3 people £130 each

4 people £120 each

5 people £110 each  

Results from Summer 18: 2 distinctions 
Results from Spring 18: 2 passes, 1 merit, 1 distinction
Results from Autumn 17: 2 passes, 2 merits

Individual hour long lessons are also available at a rate of £35 per lesson in Bar Hill.