Harmonia Music - HHS practice tracks
Some useful aids to this term's music, plus copies of emails out!
GENERAL INFORMATION SHEET: Click here to download this file

Termly email Click here to download this file


Right click on links and select "save link as" to save to your computer, or listen online by left clicking. Enjoy - especially my mistakes!

To change the speed of the recordings, try downloading the free Speedshifter program from ABRSM. It allows you to change the speed without changing the pitch.
Copy and paste this link if you can't find it: gb.abrsm.org/en/exam-support/practice-tools-and-applications/speedshifter/

PLEASE remember - I don't put up the tracks until we've done the song in rehearsal, and sometimes not until a week or two later. Also, the example track is a guide, and may have some mistakes on it. I'm actually only human.