simple but fun!

Ocarinas are a very ancient instrument, dating back some 12,000 years. Modern versions are now made of plastic and are great as a first woodwind instrument for primary school pupils.

Ideally suited to year 1+, the ocarinas used by Harmonia have just 4 holes with no tricky thumb holes on the back. The fingering system is easy to remember with Kirsty's mnemonics! Kirsty has developed a smartboard resource which takes children right from their first note to fully harmonised 4 part pieces. Pieces include pop, folk, original melodies and compositions to be completed by the pupils themselves. 

She has had great success with wider opportunities groups, even getting a yr 2 class group through to the finals of the Music for Youth Festival at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

Currently available  as an weekly programme, or as a single workshop (up to 35 ocarinas available for use).

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