Get your whole school/club singing!
Sing Out workshops can give a kick start to get your school singing or just boost the confidence of your staff to enable them to lead singing.    

The aim of SING OUT is to give teachers and pupils a set of songs which can be sung anywhere, anytime and can be adapted easily to create new songs.

Kirsty Body has a vast repertoire of silly, action, game and movement songs all of which can be performed in schools WITHOUT having to look for the lyrics, CD or even a piano player! These are songs which appeal to all children from age 4-11 (and staff!) and can provide an easy way to get every child singing every day.
The workshop can include digital recording of the songs as they are taught, just in case you need a reminder on CD. Workshops can be tailored to fit with a particular curriculum theme or area e.g. water, numeracy, PSHE, Victorians.  
Also available as an Inset session for staff only, to develop confidence in song teaching.
Available on weekdays, or as a twilight Inset.
Contact Kirsty Body for more details.