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Here's the sound files for this term's songs. Just click on them to play them. Hope you enjoy practising at home!

Song 1 Click here to download this file
Lyrics: Nineveh city was a city of sin
The jazzin’ and a-jivin’ made a terrible din
Beat groups playin’ a rock and roll
And the Lord when he heard it said, “Bless my soul!”

The people wouldn’t listen, danced night and day
No time for work, no time to pray
They went on dancin’ by day and night
‘Til the Lord he said, “Well, this ain’t right!”

The Lord he pondered a subtle plan
He looked around for a righteous man
Saw Jonah sittin’ ‘neath a pineapple tree
And the Lord he said, “That’s the man for me.”

“A righteous man that I can trust
“To raise this city from out the dust
“The man that’s sittin’ ‘neath the pineapple tree
“I’m certain sure, sure, sure is the man for me.”

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